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I made a fanmix for Trojie's BBB!

I've not made one before but I tired to capture the emotional drive of the story... I hope it makes sense to anyone other than me and it does credit to Trojie's wonderful words.

You can listen on Spotify

Or view on youtube )

And of course, you should go read the fic...
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Hi Guys

Scarredsodeep is running a fandom auction:

Consider taking part? Or commissioning something for yourself?
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Two this week and I am so sorry for the delay in updating.

Real life is more of a challenge than I expected. I think I will update again with a final round up once BBB has posted? If that’s okay with everyone?

Anyway, this week we have:

Exposed by darkrosaleen, FOB/Gym Class Heroes, Patrick/Travie, prompt: vulnerability

Bandom Half-Blood AU by whisperfade, FOB, Andy Hurley/Joe Trohman, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, prompt: tbc
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There are updates for the bingo but I have had dance things and Nine Worlds and work and I could update now but I am going to bed instead.

Will post when I get home from belly dancing summer school.

Forgive me please x
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Well, my dears. One of us thought that training as a dance teacher was a wise move, and doing two of the course modules at once was a valid life choice.

This was, in retrospect, optimistic.

So, sorry for vanishing for the past few weeks. I am updating now, but please don’t worry if I am not around for another few weeks.

There are four updates this week. Enjoy them!

Give a Wreath to the Broken Boy (in Memorium) by herprettysleeper, Panic! at the Disco/FOB, Brendan/Patrick, prompt: hurt/comfort

Let the world turn without you tonight by darkrosaleen, FOB, Patrick/Joe, prompt: Penance or Reform, and/or Bath Time

In Every Universe – Chapter 7 by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: torture

Rhythm Nation by darkrosaleen, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: dancing AU
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Two weeks in a row! Is this some sort of Christmas miracle? Or did I manage to get (ahem) 80% of my Bandom Big Bang fic submitted? YOU DECIDE.

Anyway, two updates this week (and I will do some myself soon - honest) and welcome to a couple of new competitors,


A Little Less Conversation, and a Little More "Touch My Body" by darkrosaleen, MCR, Ray/Mikey, prompt: Bodyguard AU

In Every Universe - Chapter 5: Timeline 13xb: Fall Out Boy Is So Two Years Ago by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: torture
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Posting is slowing down. I will continue until people stop, I think, but wow… we’ve got 70 individual works, and I am so proud of all of you.

ION be very good to each other, and maybe consider donating to a mental health charity if you have a couple of quid to spare. The world is very cruel to people who are horribly vulnerable.

In Every Universe by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: torture [Chapters 1-4 so far]

Leaves a Mark by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: loss of control

In That Whirlwind by whisperfade, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: Regency AU
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Look, we're not counting the missing weeks, okay?

So... important catch ups. People are still signing up, we have 5 new things, my new job is amazing, and things can only get better from here.

I think I'm just going to keep posting updates until people stop writing, and then we'll have an amnesty sometime after the BBB fic post (because I know a couple of people are combining BBB and bingo entries). Let me know if you have strong feelings about this.

And in the meantime, here are the entries for the past few weeks!

(now that's a lie) by akamine_chan, MCR/Frank Iero and the patience, Gen, prompt: free space

Joe Troh Band Ho by scarredsodeep, FOB, Joe Trohman/Pete Wentz Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman Andy Hurley/Joe Trohman, prompt: bed sharing

be my detonator by trojie, MCR, Frank/Ray, prompt: free space

Prince Petericks by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: fairy tale

Romance Is Dead by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: free space

Not dead

May. 29th, 2017 07:54 pm
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And the bingo is still running, but the last two weeks at my old job have been manic.

I start the new job tomorrow and will resume posting updates at the weekend.

Sorry for the delay!
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And we have four fic and two new people signed up!

(Mostly real life needs to be purified by flames at the moment. Send me wine and tattooed boys, pls)

Yes Or No, But No Maybes by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: genderswap

In the Flesh by LadySmutterella, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: stubble

can't sleep tonight (as long as I still) by trojie, MCR, Gerard/Mikey, prompt: hurt/comfort

To Hear From You Again by whisperfade, MCR, Gerard/Frank, prompt: mind reading

Week ten!

May. 9th, 2017 08:51 pm
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Hush! I know it's Tuesday, but I was away for the weekend and work is hoping that if they pin me to the spot with jobs to do that I won't leave for the new role.

ANYWAY. Three things this week. Also people have been asking if they can still sign up and if there's an end date. I know there are still several more stories in the works, so I figure I will keep posting until no more stories arrive? Does that sound okay?

Red Room by starrymellie, MCR, gen, prompt: free space

Like A Chapel In Hospital (chapter two) by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: amnesia

boy division by trojie, MCR, Mikey/Mikey, prompt: age regression/deaging

Week nine!

May. 1st, 2017 09:19 pm
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Bank holidays still count as Sundays, right? Especially when I was away for the weekend and had hopes of posting one of mine at the same time >.>

publicity stunts by trojie, mcr, Frank/Gerard, prompt: fake/pretend relationship

silence will never hurt you (but the screams cut scars) by userl4me, mcr, Fun Ghoul/Party Poison, Frank/Gerard, prompt: hurt/comfort

Like A Chapel In A Hospital by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: amnesia

Each Like A Pearl by Go0se, FOB, gen and Patrick/Pete, prompt: Fish out of water

Jinx Removing by Go0se, MCR, Frankie/Jamia, prompt: Genderswap
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Only two updates for you this week, but what we lose in quantity is more than made up for in quality.

And just in case you’re worried that this means we are tailing off, I can assure you that the number of things I am being sent clips of suggests otherwise. There are still amazing things to come, chaps!

Puppy Kiss by Johanirae, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: free space
Fall Out Boy: Live In Tokyo by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: broken promises

Week 7!

Apr. 17th, 2017 07:49 pm
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Apologies for the late update this week. This was definitely because I was doing something heroic and interesting and not just holding off on updating until I could include my own story >.>

This week we have seven stories and an art and it is all glorious. It also includes one story I missed at the time - which reminds me to say: please let me know if I miss your story. It is because I am changing jobs and training to be a dance teacher and trying to write my BBB - not because I do not love you and your story.

i want too much by doctorkilljoy, FOB and Cobra Starship, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta, prompt: beloved enemies

All Shook Up by Jiksa, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: free space

Dude what happened last night? by johanirae, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: amnesia

i'd scrape my toes across the floor by doctorkilljoy, FOB and MCR, Pete/Frank, prompt: Dance AU

Searching for a sweet surrender by MsPeppernose, FOB and MCR, Pete/Frank, prompt: free space

Be Careful Making Wishes by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: mindmeld

If It Helps You Control Yourself by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: free space

House of Wolves by LadySmutterella, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: rescue from danger

Week 6!

Apr. 9th, 2017 09:33 pm
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And where are the weeks going? I now have bingo story fear *and* BBB fear.

Anyway, two killjoys’ fic for you this week!

At some point I will send a gentle email around to gauge whether we should put on end date on this. Feel free to message me with thoughts about that though!

Leave A Dream Where The Fallout Lies by Go0se, MCR, Gen, prompt: huddle for warmth

we will stay till the end comes reeling by userl4me, MCR, Gen, prompt: hurt/comfort
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Two fic and an art this week!

Sorry it’s a day late – I will be better next week. Honest, gov.

a heart attack (in black hair dye) by trojie, MCR, Ray/Gerard, prompt: spooning

Guarding my heart by johanirae, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: bodyguard AU

maybe someday i'll believe by doctorkilljoy, Panic! at the Disco, Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Brendon Urie, prompt: wingfic

Week four!

Mar. 26th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Let’s not talk about real life this week, yeah? Let’s tell stories of stupid boys in love because that is infinitely preferable.

I Could Feel You Floating In Me by Jiksa, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: vulnerability

clear and present danger by Trojie, MCR, Ray/Mikey, prompt: rescue

the sun may be a star, but the moon shines brighter by userl4me, Panic! at the Disco, Ryan/Brendon, prompt: epistolary

Press My Face Against the Clouds by Jiksa, One Direction/Radio One RPF, Nick Grimshaw/Louis Tomlinson, prompt: bed sharing
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Sorry for the delay this week. I am in that London, my car was vandalised, and now I am all alone and probably about to be killed and eaten by a badger with a gun.


So quickly, before that happens, have the week three stories and art! (such art by the way! You guys are all doing so well!)

Love's a Universe by scarredsodeep, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: stubble

Why Are You Guys So Tall? by tobiismycat, MCR, gen, prompt: age regression

The Best Thing That I’ve Ever Had, For Real by heartofthesunrise, MCR, Ray/Gerard, prompt: Dancing AU

A Little Less Touch Me by CatchingCraziness, FOB, gen, prompt: genderswap

Chemical Bingo by johanirae, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: animal transformation

Sinking Into Sweet Uncertainty by MsPeppernose, FOB, Pete/Patrick, prompt: confessions

Your Work In Progress by troje, MCR/The Used, Bert/Gerard, prompt: beloved enemies

You can find the full master list here, and there is still time to join the 34 people who have signed up – just give me a shout!
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Well, this week has given me a kicking - no two ways about it! But we have 7 stories and 32 competitors!

And some many emails and messages from you all! You are the best. All of you. I am so grateful for you all x

Week Two stories

Go Somewhere Private, whisperfade, MCR, Frank/Gerard/Mikey, prompt: free space

you say cut the stem, i say let's see the flower, userl4me, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: Genderswap

What You're Doing To Me, whisperfade, MCR and MSI, Lindsey Ballato/Jamia Nestor, prompt: free space

Working title: Gerard Way's Amazingly Heartfelt and Eminently Helpful Sex Education Video, LadySmutterella, MCR and FOB, Frank Iero/Gerard WayFrank Iero/Ray ToroMikey Way/Pete Wentz, prompt: free space

just think happy thoughts?, trojie, MCR, Frank/Mikey/Gerard, prompt: wing fic

Words Could Never Be Enough, corruptedkid, MCR, Frank/Gerard, prompt: free space

Nothing left to do, LadySmutterella, MCR, Frank/Gerard/Ray, prompt: bed sharing
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We have eighteen (18!) people signed up now! And also our first story!

Go give corruptedkid some love! Who Needs a Furnace, Anyway?

I am so excited for this. Thank you all so much for playing!
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